Saturday, October 5, 2013

My friend Pam...

This is my friend Pam...she is a wonderful person. Much too nice for me to post a photo of her on line for folks to see...since she came over and ironed blocks while I cut. And she did it early in the evening...without makeup. But, I'm not near as nice as, here's the photo of her smiling face.
Love ya Pam!
And for those of you that might be wondering...this is my living room Yes, it's small and yes, it's crowded. The room measures 9 ft across and 12 ft long. It used to be a kitchen, and if you look on the right wall you'll see that the wall plug is very high. The big-screen television (that I had to find space for when my daughter moved) is at the end of the room...that's the only place it will fit. A hope chest and black shelf unit is on the right side...and holds fabric and craft supplies...and I stack finished quilts/projects/stuff on top. A dresser full of completed crazy quilt projects is on the left wall along with Brady's baby swing (in the foreground). I'm standing behind the double recliner so you can't see that...but it makes a "wall" to close off the room. There is a walk way between the bedroom and sewing room right behind that recliner. And lastly, almost the entire wall on the left side is a design can see that I have finished my Merry Merry Snowman quilt top...except that I want to add some final special touches before it gets layered and quilted. 
So, no show place for Southern Living Magazine for sure...but, it's cozy, functional...and I love my space. And my friend Pam likes it too!
Still, y'all can come visit anytime...just not all a once unless you like to stand up. HUGS!
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