Thursday, November 14, 2013

Encrusted Block - Pink Christmas Theme

This block just went in the mail this week, and it was fun to work on. I was the second person to stitch on the block, and this area is only my work. The print fabric was a challenge because the fabric pieces were so large and it does not lend itself very well to 'over-stitching' the design. So, I covered a lot of it with a lace motive and sequin snowflakes. This mades the print more of a wall-paper type the background, and not as prominent. The lace was beaded heavily since this is an encrusted round robin.
This seam also got loads of beads.
The silk ribbon flowers filled their patch quite well.
And this little pink and silver Christmas tree is situated outside in the pink snow drifts surrounded by more snowflakes falling from the sky.
Working on this block made me wish I had a pink Christmas tree up in the house this holiday.



Sarah Beth said...

This is absolutely breathtaking. You are so talented.

margaret said...

love this block and the pink Christmas tree finishes it off perfectly

Suztats said...

This looks so pretty in the pink. I seldom think of pink as a Christmas colour....maybe I'll need to change that!

Carrie P. said...