Thursday, February 6, 2014

Computer Woes...sorta

Do you have an Acer?
I spent Brady's nap time today packing up the Acer Chrome Book that I bought in December. Already, it is out of the screen keeps blinking and getting weird boxes on it, but nothing works. I only used it for Pinterest and Netflix...and the technician tried helping me to clear out everything and reboot back to factory setting. That didn't work. So, it is being shipped off to Temple, Texas...and I was reading their comments section of their website. No favorable comments...none, zip...nada. That's not a good thing. Several folks said that they got calls saying their laptops were 'water damaged' which is not covered under the warranty....but they had never had them near any water. Mine has not been near water either...but now, I'm leary of what they will say. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they will be honorable and just fix it as the warranty requires.
My mother and SIL both have Acer computers and have had no problems with them...but this little Chrome book has been troublesome from the start; had a real learning curve with it...and it's not very powerful. I strongly advise you not to ever consider getting one. And, I'll let you know how the repair support is when I get it back...and how long that takes. The Technician said 7-10 days after they receive it....but the reviews say weeks.

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margaret said...

I have an acer computer which did die once and had to have a new hard disc whilst under an extended 5 year guarantee. Recently I got a samsung tablet but do not understand how to use it! Trust yours gets repaired okay seems they like to blame the owner and not honour the guarantees from what you have said.