Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Did You Notice?

Last night, I was up very late...and was watching the weather predictions for the next two days...ice and snow. While watching television I was also stitching. Then, before heading off to sleep I took photos of Velia's block...and posted to the blog first thing this morning.
Did you notice this photo in that post yet? I didn't...until I started to stitch again this morning. Do you see the half completed last French knot? It's at the lower right...felt finished, but the thread caught on the line of beads below it. Luckily, it was the last stitch...and I could pull it through and finish off again this morning.
Lessons learned:
1. Put beads on last (no choice here because this is a round robin, and the beads were already stitched down before I began my work). 
2.  Don't stitch late at night in poor light and while you are tired.  
3.  Watch your stitching to make sure they are completing correctly before cutting the thread.
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