Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Velia's Block Continues...

The trims and laces are now stitched down. And I forgot to slip one of them under the black rose trim as first planned (see prior post)...did not even cross my mind...until AFTER I had stitched the trim securely in place. Duh! Yes, I could have taken out some stitches...
but instead I layered the two together a bit, and still like the effect just fine. These will get beads too...when I get to that step in the process.

If you follow me much, you might already know that two of my pet peeves are the abrupt ending of trims and leaving the raw edges of trim showing. And I've managed to do both of them here!
Ending trim with a raw edge is just not okay with me. But, for every 'rule' there is an exception...or so I've heard. And this exception is because I'm not the only person working on this block...and Colleen already finished the adjacent seam so beautifully that I don't want to ruin that by putting this trim over it (of course not!!). So it has to stop short of the intersecting seam. That leaves the question...how to cover this abrupt ending?
Well, I have chosen to use a purple dragonfly Czech button cabochon in this area. It is large enough to cover all the trim ends and adds some bling to that area as well. And, it will fit in nicely with the beaded spider to come later on...and Colleen's beautiful silk ribbon and beading work. You might also note that there is a spider's web already stitched down with filament...it needed to go down now before the lace clusters went into place, IMHO. It is waiting on a beaded spider with long legs to move in.

You might have also have noted that the other two lace motifs at the top area of the block are stitched down; but one looks a little 'unsecured'. That's on purpose.

If you were to peek underneath, you'd get a surprise...and so would the little frog you would wake up! I like hiding things on a block...and adding little critters is also a favorite thing of mine to do. Wonder what other little critters will find a home on the block? Already there is one dragonfly, one spider, and one frog planned...perhaps there will be more?
Next...a bit of stitching is needed before the silk ribbon and beading begins! The spider web is already stitched into place; because it needed to go under the lace motifs but some embroidery seams and motifs are also a must.
This seam is placed against the side of the black rose trim. It will also get silk ribbon roses and beads added to it later.

This gold fabric area will have a branch of silk ribbon leaves with a vine of wisteria hanging on to that. So far, the the French Knot blooms and the Stem Stitch limb are stitched.

The next area that needs something is this floral patch of small flowers. It already has some golden glass seed beads scattered about in some of the floral centers...but I'm thinking this would be a good place to put a button cluster to balance that beaded cabochon.
Off to stitch some more...and I should be finished soon (and on time) with this block. Of course the silk ribbon and beads take the most time (for me)...so we shall see. Ha!


Susan Studio Arts said...

I love the sleeping frog...what a wonderful idea! Thank you Kathy.

Karla Hartzog said...

Brilliant way to "tie up" lose ends! :)