Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting my Last Round of CQ...


...of last year's round robins. This is Velia's block. Isn't it already so pretty?!! I'm auditioning trims for the two center seams. I'm really liking the rose and black one...but not so sure about the gold trimmed one.

It seems a bit too bright at the edges. And, although it technically 'matches' the colors in the block...that bright shade of gold just screams out at you. It takes away from the delicate stitching already on the block.

This little bit of dyed lace is pretty and would be even prettier once beaded...but, it's a little 'ho mum'...yawning!
This dyed trim was done in the same dye batch as the floral piece...but it has more dimension and therefore more interest to me. So, think I'll be using this one. Right now, they are just pinned in place. Now, what to add next? The block does not have any lace pieces...and I'm thinking that they would add some real texture. The theme is 'encrusted' so the block needs loads of 'stuff' to qualify for that theme!

 These four lace motifs are the right size to fill some space and carry the viewer's eye around the block...without overpowering the other elements of the block.

 I like the idea of tucking the lower one under the'll have to use your imagination to add the beads and such to these.

This top area will mirror one of the lace motifs, and add a darker one in the same color family (from the same dye bath actually).
Now, I'm off to actually stitch these all down and start to add some embroidery! See you back soon with more photos.



lifemyway said...

Your choice of trims is lovely. I like your use of the lace motifs and the way you are layering them in relation to the trim and to each other.

Treasures by Louise said...

What fun stuff! I think your choice of the dimensional lace is the best! I look forward to seeing what the embroidery and beads add to the piece.

Liz said...

Beautiful block and colours. Love the little lace stand alone embellishments.

Annette said...

Just beautiful and I love the encrusted, well you know that. The colors are so rich and can't wait to see it finished. Keeping warm I hope and safe.


Suztats said...

Ooooh, just lovely!