Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Encrusted Block for Velia - Spider Time

Work is almost done on Velia's block in the CQI Group, "Encrusted" round robin. I put a spider into the web...but, it is too dark I'm thinking.
So, I decided to un-stitch...and re-stitch with a white head and blue legs. Now, I've never seen a white headed spider with blue legs...but, the block looks better with it this way I'm thinking.
I also got the leaves finished to help give the spiderweb a bit more character and depth.


Miss D @ Fibre Dreams said...

Came from Facebook post from Ellen Anne Eddy share of Beaded Spider.
The crazy quilted block is exceptional and beautiful.
Thank you

Teresa Quilts said...

Kathy, you do such beautiful work. How did you get your spider's legs so straight and tight?

margaret said...

he looks like a nice friendly spider, maybe he will appear on one of my blocks in the future. Also love the green leaves beautifully stitched