Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Freebies for my Followers...

It has become my custom to have a give-a-way when the blog followers number jumps by one-hundred. 
We just passed nine hundred! So, I was thinking about what type of contest or give-a-way have. However, the problem with contests is that only one (or a few) folks actually win something. And, I wanted all 900 of the followers to get something.
So, I decided to design a new pattern...just for you!
Shawkl Scissors Pattern Assortment
These were originally only two designs...then they grew into nine designs...then I created smaller designs to go with the larger designs...so they grew into eighteen designs. Well, before they just keep multiplying...I'd better post them! The above picture is of the French Knot design...one of the eight sets.
Eventually, (when I actually have time to stitch one of them for the pattern front page) I'll include a photo on the front of the pattern. But, for now, just consider it a semi-draft because I have no time to stitch more than is already on my plate. Hugs!
Hope you enjoy all of the designs included.
Just click on the link above to get the pattern download free.
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