Monday, July 14, 2014

Crazy Quilt Embellishment Classes - Registration is Now Closed

Good Morning to All! Life is a zoo around here as usual...but, a promise is a, I'm still going to open a new Beginner Crazy Quilt Class this month...and the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Class as well.
Both classes will be free...but, you must finish a lesson before receiving the next one. So, your time is will not be able to download lessons and not finish them. Each class is designed to be completed in about six weeks...but can be done in as long as 12 weeks...then they will close. If you have not finished by that will not be receiving any other installments.
The beginner class is open to anyone who wants to participate. TO REGISTER: Just send me an email with your Name, Email Address, and please tell me a bit about your current level of expertise in embroidery and crazy quilt work specifically. Please put "Register Beginner CQ" in the subject of your email.
The intermediate class is only open to those that have completed my prior beginner class. This is because I need to know that everyone has had at least the same level of prior work in order to start off at the same "place". TO REGISTER: Just send me an email with your Name, Email Address, and attach a photo of your completed Beginner Class Block to prove that you actually finished my prior class. Please put "Register Intermediate CQ" in the subject of your email.
All students will be directed to a specific class blog for the class. You will be required to be able to get on-line at your the to the blog...including posting photos. You will receive an "invitation to the class blog" after you have registered.
Registration for Beginner and Intermediate Classes will close on 15 July at midnight.
My email for classes is
The Beginner Class is very structured. You will not be able to use pre-made blocks. Everyone will create the same pieced blank block...but have choice of colors in the embellishment phase. This is the Beginner Class Model Block:
The Intermediate Class will be much more flexible...and blank blocks will be very welcome. The pre-requisite Beginner Class will ensure that all students start out with at least the same level of beginner experience...having completed that class before. There is no model block photo for the intermediate class as all of them will be different.
If you have questions, just email me...I'll be happy to answer them for you before you decide to register or not. :)


Mary Ann Tate said...

Thank you Kathy. I really enjoyed the beginner class.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It's a great idea, Kathy. If you offer the beginner class again in the winter I'll jump to join.

I like that you enforce a finish to continue rule.

xx, Carol

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Looking so forward to your class. Thank you ~

Terry said...

I just saw your beginners class on another blog and came right over...looks like I'm too late to join in though. Maybe next time! :0)

Meari said...

What a bummer... I found out about this too late. I've always wanted to try CQ.

SERAFINA said...

I just found out about your classes and looks like I'm late for this one but I signed up for your updates and would love to sign up for the next one :)