Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Thimble Cases...

I'm working on more thimble cases today. This is little Brady's first week of daycare...so I have some extra time on my hands...and, I sold the last of my thimble cases on Etsy last week.  I sure miss having a baby underfoot however...it seems kind of quiet here this week too!
I managed to get two cases finished...and they are loaded on Etsy now. So, next...I'm working on some cross-stitch versions using waste canvas.
Have you been crafting lately? It's so hot here now, staying inside is the only way to breath!
Hugs to all!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your thimble cases are so pretty! If only I could train myself to actually USE a thimble.

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous thimble cases! It's been horribly humid here, too, and I am staying inside as much as possible. I have a picture to send you, just have to remember to do it.

Nancy said...

Your thimble cases are spectacular.
One question I have, can I get to the 26 embroidery letters for blocks? There doesn't seem to be a link for it when I try to click. The Z looks very pretty. Thank you.