Saturday, October 18, 2014

Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies

Still de-stashing....working on the "treasures" hidden in the totes under the bed. Aidan is here this weekend...and she pulls them out for me to go through. First treasure...a box of printed silkie images (on poplin). An entire shoebox full. Was sure this got thrown out glad to see it! There are about 300 images..and I've grouped them into mostly sets of two to four pieces...some more...some less. Each set is only $1.85 plus S/H.
If you need silkies...this is a phenominal deal! 
The other ladies that are de-stashing their studios...are offering some wonderful buttons, ribbons, trims, etc.
Worth the time to check out the Facebook page for Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies.
Most everyone accepts you can use your credit card with that if you like. Easy to purchase; just click on the Photo Albums...and check one a photo...and begin to scroll through the album. Each photo has a description of the item and the price. Select what you want...then send a Message to the Sale Person with your email...for invoicing. Payment usually due upon receipt of the invoice.
S/H is usually actual cost to mail/package the items you purchased.
Most will ship overseas too.



Denise :) said...

Thank you for the heads up!! :)

Thoeria said...

Thanks for the link Kathy - I have no real crazy will definitely be needing oodles!

Anonymous said...

Several people have mentioned this to me, but I don't do Facebook, so I miss out. Which is alright, really, since I have too much already! I love the idea of a shoebox full of images. LOL

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am "pending" to join the group....I do need some ciggies and would hate to miss your great deals!!!