Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some CQ Photos and More

What a crazy month! The past two weeks especially have been super busy!  Finished two designs for StitchMAP Hex Challenge for my cyber friend Shari. Well, technically three...but you have already seen the Owl. So the Spider Mums above and the little pair of Mushrooms below were stitched up and written...ready for her to send out to her group.

The CQBC (Crazy Quilt Basic Class) is in full swing...but not without a few problems in getting everyone on to the class blog. Why is technology so aggravating at times? But, all is well now and folks are stitching right along...we started with 74 but 3 had to drop out for medical reasons. And, most likely another six or so will do so this week because of scheduling problems...they are just having too much on their collective plates right now. So, as usual...the final class will be around 60 ladies. A very manageable size for an on-line class (IMHO).
Finished a Wool Round Robin block and got it into the mail this morning.

I have been also de-stashing and moving a LOT of my bead, charms, and silkie prints collection OUT THE DOOR! Down-sizing and re-organizing takes way too much work! So, it's been super nuts around here of late. I'm sure the ladies in the CQBC think that I'm just a basket case waiting for the little men in white coats by this time!
Tonight, I'll be wrapping Birthday presents...because my darling little Aidan turns eleven tomorrow! Can you believe it...she was just in diapers. She is the best grand-daughter and it will be great to share her special day with her and my daughter tomorrow.

ALSO...if you are a member of the HGTV Message Board...they will be shutting down all message boards on 4 November. Our new message board for members (including CQ folks like me) will be at Our Circle of Friends so go register so we can find you again...hugs!



Mosaic Magpie said...

Enjoying class!

The Stitch Fiddler Bethann Scott said...

Beautiful Spider Mum. One day I hope to take your class. I signed up for the first class you offered, but there were snags along the way.

Your work is just gorgeous! Have fun teaching.

Anonymous said...

Your work is always beautiful. The spider mum intrigues me. I had no idea you had that many people in one class. I was thinking about half that. Amazing super woman, that's you! =) Technology is both a blessing and a bane to our existence, isn't it? Thanks for the link to Our Circle of Friends.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are inspiring me to do a grand clean out of my studio too, but that's all it is. Just inspiration. Not going to happen until at least after Christmas.

traderslostart said...

LOVE your wool block and tree. Thank you for allowing me into your CQ class. I hope to learn a lot, and grow in experience when I am done. It is a joy to know you.
Traders of the Lost Art 1