Friday, July 24, 2015

A handy tool...that I hope to never use.

We all could feel this it is so aggraviting to "unsew" a seam.
But, with this wonderful little gift from my cyber pal, Carol should be a much more pleasant task!
Her wonderful hubby Woody (isn't that a great name to go with this gift!)...made it for her to gift to me. Thanks Woody!
It feels wonderful in my hand...the wood is smooth as silk...and the size is just right to rest against the palm of my hand. I just love it...even though I hope to never use it! 
HUGS Carol!...and to all!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the never needing it part! LOL It is a beautiful little thing.

Christine B said...

What a fabulous gift! Hope you never need to use it!! *wink* Have a lovely weekend! :) x

Cathy said...

I have one just like it from Carol and Woody; a gift to CQI retreat-goers a couple years ago. I LOVE mine and am happy/sad to report I use it all the time!!