Monday, July 20, 2015

Okay Call the "White Coat" Guys...

....cause I have finally lost it for sure!
 I just purchased a great book...The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling. It is a book that I had purchased a few years ago...and gave away or needed a new one.
Saw it on Pinterest the other day...and it made me think about how much I wished I had it ...and that it looked familiar...I checked the bookcase and it was not there. So, I knew that I had sold or given away my copy...probably in the de-stashing I did the first part of the year.
So, I've been waiting on the book to arrive and it did glad to finally have it here!
But...when I put it on the is what I saw:
WHAT! Geez...and frankly, this is not the first time I've done this. Seriously, I need to be better organized or something!
So, what to do?
Well, we have not had a drawing I'm going to GIVE AWAY my newly purchased "extra" book! 
Here are the rules to be considered in this drawing:
1) STUDENTS ONLY WILL BE CONSIDERED so tell me which class you have taken. You do not need to have finished the course...but will need to have at least completed the first 2 tasks. (Just registering, but not being able to get started will not qualify you.)
2) Leave a comment below with the class info needed. Do not send me emails...only those Valid Comments on THIS POST will be considered.
3) You have until midnight on Thursday (7/23, Central Standard Time) to leave your comment. I will use the date stamps on the comments to determine if you made the deadline for consideration. On Friday, I will review the comments...and compile a list of valid entries. Then, I will use a RANDOM GENERATOR to pick the winner.
I will post the winner here on this Sunday; after I have contacted them via email. I will use the emails from the class roster of the Course you say you took.
Good luck...hope you win!
July 26, Edited to add: 
There were 40 folks entered in the drawing...I checked the comments against the prior class registrations rosters...and if the person was there...listed them on my Drawing List...and assigned them the next number.

Then, I went to and ran their random number generator for any number from 1-40. The result was:

And, #18 was Kathy Lamb of Illinois!
The book is on it's way Kathy...sorry I did not have 39 more so all who entered could have one.

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