Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More Hexagon Action

Progress on my hexagons slowed down...but I have managed to finish one more this past week. Here are some close up photos for you. 

Have you begun your hexagon quilt yet? I'm sure seeing some wonderful photos of inspirational hexagon quilts lately on Pinterest. Loving the "hankie" ones by Rhonda Dort!
Also like some I've seen on blogs lately. 
Here are some links for you:
Many don't have as much hand embroidery as mine, but wondering if I might create some in these styles to accompany mine. Or would it be odd to have lots of embellishing peppered among little to no embellishing...just because I like them all. 
But, you know me and "balance in design"...so of course I'm over-thinking the idea! Perhaps I should just create a few hankie blocks and a few rose fabric blocks THEN lay everything out to SEE what this mix of styles might look. Great...another "TO DO" task to add to my list!
However...working on  some "quicker blocks" could allow me to perhaps complete a large quilt...rather than only the bed runner that was my first thought. Hmmm...more to consider. Of course, if I don't like the combination...would I then need to finish 3 projects? 1-Rose Hexie; 1-Hankie Hexie; 1-CQ Hexie
What are your thoughts? 
How are you doing on your own hexagon blocks? 
I encourage you to give these a try!
  Also, I did get the photos done for my Tutorial on Finishing my HEX Blocks.
I'll try to get that posted to the blog after the next class registration closes...so around next Monday/Tuesday maybe. Just letting you know I have not forgotten that promise.
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