Friday, October 2, 2015

ICQC-104...peaking out from behind the curtain...

I'm finally close enough to finishing the ICQC-104 Course that I have included dates on the Class Schedule of Open Registration Dates.  
There were moments, days, weeks this summer that I wondered if I'd even get this (or any other classes) written. It has been one long hot summer for me. But, not to dwell on that...what you need to know is that ICQC-104 WILL occur this year!

It will cover different types of Applique' work to include:
Traditional Hand Applique Motifs
Embroidery Slips
Silkie Over-Stitching and Frames
Raised Embroidery

This a true "intermediate level" course, requiring your concentration, time, and patience!
It is challenging but not advanced IMHO.
The course does require that ICQC-103 be completed first because it covered the basic surface embroidery techniques...expanded upon in the ICQC-104 course.

More news...I'm pretty sure I can get the ICQC-105 "Ribbon" course written this month...hopefully. No dates on the schedule yet, as I need to stitch a couple of more motifs and write those modules...but I'm trying to be where a class can be opened for registration in November.

On a sad note...there is no way I'm going to get the ICQC-106 "Stumpwork" module done in time to take registrations this year. The health issues that overtook me this summer really wiped me out...physically, mentally, and spiritually. I'm beginning to get my feet back under me. But I have come to realize that I can't be "superwoman" any longer. So, sorry to let you know..but I'm only human. Having trouble believing THAT myself...but getting older is just no fun. I need to be better at "pacing myself" before the rug gets pulled out from under me for good...not just for a few weeks!

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