Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Block for CQJP 2016

This year, my challenge to myself it so "simplify". My goal is to get blocks finished that could be easily washed as a traditional quilt might be. I hope to get these assembled and given to my Mom this put across the foot of her bed. She does wash her quilts, so this one can be no different. Any silk ribbon work has to be tacked securely in place. Beading is another issue, as a washing machine can "beat up" glass beads badly...and plastic ones are not my favorite. So, NOT beading is the best solution...which is SOOOOOooooooo difficult for me to do!
We shall see how these go!
If you want to see the start of the basic piecing...check out my earlier blog post about the construction of these blocks.


Thoeria said...

Even without the beading and bells 'n whistles, this a a beautiful block!

Anonymous said...

It's stunning in it's simplicity.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yes, a beautiful block! Like you, I would have a really hard time not using beads and all the gee haws that us CQ people tend to love.

Christine B said...

I love this block Kathy, just beautiful! Christine x

Renee said...

Kathy, your block is lovely! (My CQJP 2016 project is stitching only, so it will be machine washable. It is HARD not adding beads, I agree!)