Friday, February 5, 2016

Storage Solutions

Today, I thought I share with you a new Storage Solution that I found, and am SO happy with. I know...a boring topic...but still, it might be here goes.
 Sterlite Cabinets!
These shorter ones (measuring about 35" tall by 26" wide) are in my galley kitchen (was the front porch at one time). They each contain 2 adjustable shelves...and are study enough to hold my heavy stand mixer nicely. My kitchen is full of windows...and No Cabinets (except the one under the sink). So, it is nice to have something that holds the extra "things" like my crock pots, mixers, etc. You may notice that these are sitting on a dresser (which holds my family photo albums on one side and kitchen linens on the other). You have to get creative with storage options if you don't have kitchen cabinets!

This tall unit (measuring about 69" tall by 26" wide) has four adjustable shelves. I moved almost all of my bead trays and perle cotton into this cabinet. Plus had room for the empty trays for beads behind the ones you see, since the shelves are 18" deep!

When funds allow, I'm ordering more! I need to get my fabrics in these...and out of totes!
These are available through Amazon or Walmart sites online...and each took me about 15 minutes to put tools needed!



Cathy said...

Boring? I guess we will continue to disagree, LOL, on storage as a subject. I find it holds a lot of creativity (as you have demonstrated and Gerry Krueger does too). What fun cabinets!! Now that I’ve downsized my Etsy inventory, I have a couple drawer sets to unload. Too bad we don’t live close to each other.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great. That might be just what I need. Thanks for the heads up!

Carolyn said...

Great idea you have there Kathy and definitely not boring! We always need storage and it's good to see others' ideas. I think they are called Sterilite though!

Thoeria said...

Oh storage is never a boring topic! I'm always reading what others do for storage as I'm constantly changing how I do things!

Annette said...

oh what great cabinets to store our treasures. Well treasures to us any way. I bet it took you a whole 10 minutes to fill it up. Love reading and keeping up with you. I am behind on my writings so just will catch up with yours Have a great day and right now I am saying keep warm pretty soon it will be keep cool lol oxxoxoxo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Storage ideas are never boring! I'm always searching for ways to be able to put more 'stuff' into my sewing room (as if I NEED any more!!)

Jody said...

I love every ounce of info I can get about organization. I am just in the process of overhauling a room. I'm not handy with a hammer, so this is really helpful.

I live in Utah and we just don't seem to have those fabulous flea markets where people buy some great storage hutch for $20. So it's all mail order and Ikea.🌻

Cynthia said...

Storage is never boring. It is a constant challenge.

Thanks for the info. I especially like that they handle heavy weight (stand mixer).