Thursday, March 17, 2016

Emery (and Crushed Walnut Shells) for Pin Cushions

I have been out of Emery in my Etsy Shoppe for some time. But, I just got it back in...and the crushed walnut shells as well. These will be available in two different quantities (Set One and Set Two). The emery weighs a is being shipped flat rate only. Because two sets of these will fit in a small priority box, I created these two Set options in the shop.

2 cups of crushed walnut shells and
1 cup of fine emery

2 cups of crushed walnut shells and
2 cups of fine emery

This emery is even finer in grade than the last the type sold last year.
If you love to create pin cushions, these are both a real MUST have item. The crushed walnut shells can be placed into a small muslin pillow to help weigh the pin cushion base. Use it along with your poly-fill (or other) type of stuffing to create a nice heavy pin cushion that will not topple over.

Emery is used to keep pins and needles sharp. Create a tiny little pin cushion (traditionally a strawberry) to accompany your larger pin cushion. Insert pins and needles into the strawberry before placing them into your regular pin cushion. This will help to keep them sharp.

I have researched the cost of these on Amazon. One cup of emery alone is about $16 and the single cup of walnut shells is about $13. So, getting both for just $12 is real good deal. If you need more emery, order SET TWO which has double the amount.
Since either set will fit in a small priority flat rate shipping box, I'm offering double the amount of emery in "Set Two" but with the same postage costs. Emery is heavy, even a single order weights too much to economically send first class. So, take advantage of the shipping savings by ordering twice as much with SET TWO.
Oh, SET ONE is $12 plus postage, and SET TWO is $15 plus postage.


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Anonymous said...

That really is a great deal, Kathy! Thanks for the alert; I've passed it along to some friends of mine who are avid pincushion makers.