Monday, April 4, 2016

Intermediate Courses ARE BACK - New Guidelines

I spent some time this morning going over my calendar and "mental list" of what needed to still be done this year. There should be enough time for an offering of the intermediate courses I updated the course roster information under the FREE CQ CLASS tab. Here it is if you want to mark your calendar.
There are also some changes to "how" these will be done this year.
The Intermediate Courses should be taken in order, as that is how they were designed. One class "builds" on the previous one's instructions. However, if you want to skip a class...that is allowed, it is just not encouraged.
The dates for the Intermediate Courses are spaced so that you should be able to take them in order and have sufficient time to finish one before the next. But, if you don't...that's allowed as'll just be taking two classes at the same time.
There is also an 'extra' ICQC-104 happening this is for those students that finished the ICQC-103 last year...and still need this course. New intermediate students are not eligible for this course.
So, here is the updated calendar. The registration instructions for each course will post on during these specific timeframes.

Remaining 2016 Open Registrations for Basic Courses (BCQC): 

 18-20 May
13-15 July
14-16 September

  for Intermediate Courses (ICQC):

ICQC-101: Design and Piecing Various Blocks
26-28 April

ICQC-102: Changing Colors (Dying/Painting/Etc)
21-23 June

ICQC-103: Embroidery Motifs and Seams
23-25 August

ICQC-104: Motifs w/Fabrics and Threads
 4-6 October

ICQC-104: Motifs w/Fabrics and Threads
*Requires ICQC-103 Completion First
 13-15 April (This is for those students that finished ICQC-103 last year)
 Hoping you can find some time in your schedules for this year's session...since you have the dates in advance. Hugs,


Cyndi L said...

Well THAT'S really exciting! Looking forward to it :-)

Ruth B said...

Oh I'm so happy you are offering the dyeing class again Kathy! I signed up for it last time and my husband got injured and had 7 surgeries and months in the hospital. He is finally home and I am ready to take a class again! I already purchased the supplies and I am excited about the class. I think looking at the list I will sign up for others too! Thank you!

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Hi Kathy ~ I loved everyone of these classes and so grateful to have been able to have participated in every one of them! I learned so many things and thoroughly each class. They were a gift to me from you! Thank you Kathy ~
Mary Fanslau