Sunday, June 19, 2016

Down Time - With Beads

It's hard to call "down time" as relaxing when you spend most of it rearranging furniture and cleaning...but, there you have it! All of the clutter that I've been ignoring for these past few weeks while working on the last book...have just become overwhelming to look at lately! 
So, I have begun (and am not sure it will every be finished) to re-arrange things in this tiny little apartment to function better "for me". Have totally removed a full size bed and replaced it with a craft table and cabinet for Aidan. She visits less often as she is getting older...but when she is here; sleeping on a double air mattress is just fine with her. So, the space her bed usually takes up is now a nice area for her to do craft projects, read, paint her nails, etc. It makes a good space for me to fold clothes too! 
Do you have furniture that is just taking up space? I do too...but can't part with just taking the largest into consideration at the moment.
Aidan was here last week, and we worked on a beaded bracelet for her. She picked out the cabochons and glued them to the faux leather piece. She began the beading, but gave up pretty soon. She is very particular and easy to just quit...something we are working on. I finished the beading and attached some snaps to secure the bracelet around her arm. 
This got me into the "mood" to bead and as it is pretty "mindless" work...I have been doing some more cabochons. Shank buttons can be used as cabochons, just remove the shank and glue to felt before beading.

 The fun is about to come to an end however, as next week I'll be working on Mother's back porch...drywall mud/sanding/painting. Plus, the ICQC-102 Course also opens for registration very will be looking forward to that as well...which is just a different type of fun!


Createology said...

How nice to make your space more usable. Lovely bracelet with the beaded cabochons. Your cabochons and shankless buttons are gorgeous wth the beaded bezels. Embracing Creative Bliss...

Sandra said...

You do keep yourself busy. Just remember to take some "me" time as well.

Now... "last book" approximately will it be available or are you referring to the one that was released about a month ago?

Anonymous said...

Multi-talented woman - from beading to drywall in only a few days! I like that bracelet. I've thought of moving my bedroom into the small quilt room and putting quilting in the master bedroom ... All I do is sleep in the bedroom anyway!