Monday, June 20, 2016

OPEN REGISTRATION for ICQC-102 (Dying/Painting/Inking ribbon, lace, fabric, etc)

Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC) #102
Using some Dyes, Paints, Inks (etc) Course
is OPEN for Registration
Registration will close at midnight on 23 June, CST.
  The class is self-paced and expected to require 3-6 weeks to complete (depending on the time you have in your own schedule for working the modules)
There are no pre-registration requirements for this class. You can register EVEN if you have not taken the BCQC or any other ICQC modules.
This Course covers:
--Painting Fabric Backgrounds
-- Painting and Dying Lace Motifs
-- Inking Lace and Charms
To register please email this information:
Email Address
to me at: before midnight (CST) on 23 June.
The class instruction is FREE.
You will need supplies.
Here is the supply list link.
The list asks for Kona cotton in white...but any white cotton that is "good enough" for fine for me. Kona is what I consider the best brand for white quilters cotton fabric. The list also allows you to use RIT Dye if you don't have the Jacquard Acid Dyes...BUT, the results are NOT as good. So, if you have the time and money...get the'll be so happy you did! Since this IS a self-paced class; you have time to order supplies favorite place is but any source is fine.
Class begins on 24 June as
I am in the middle of a drywall/paint project for will be checking the registration emails "as I can". After you have posted your "introduction" to the class can take as much time as you like to order supplies and begin the assigned tasks. (more on this in your Welcome Email after you register).
Once you register, I will send you a welcome email AND you will receive an invitation from Blogger to join the private Class Blog. Email me if you have any issues in signing on to the class after receiving these two instructional emails.
NOTE: I will be away from my computer for most of 21 and 22 June, so will not begin sending out class blog invitations or Welcome emails...until 23 June  at the earliest.
Hope to see you in class.

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