Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OPEN Registration for the ICQC-104 Module...4-6 October

The ICQC-104 Module is now open for registration from 4 through 6 October.
You must have completed ICQC-103 Prior to registering for this ICQC-104 Course. (Exceptions are made for the current ICQC-103 course, IF you are presently working on the Mongram tasks or Seams task; which are the last 2 tasks of that module)

ICQC-104, Mixed Motifs with Fabricis expected to last 8-12 weeks; and will start on 7 October, so you should be on the class blog by then.

To Register: email me your Name, State/Country, Email address...just as for previous courses...to shaw.kathy@yahoo.com
The ICQC-104 includes these modules/tasks:
104A-Embellishing OVER Silkie Images
Task 1: Stitching Hair
Task 2: Stitching Flowers
104B-Framing Silkie Images
Task 1: Create a CQ Block with Framed Silkie
Task 1: Create a Broderie Perse Applique
Task 2: Create a Hand Applique Heart (or other shape)
Task 3: Design an Applique based on an Embroidery Pattern
104D-Raised Applique
Task 1: Create a Raised Applique (Bunny, Cat, or Teddy Bear)
104E-Working with Various Slips
Task 1: Create an Embroidery Slip
Task 2: Create a Silkie Slip
Task 3: Create a Beaded Slip
  There is no special supply list needed for this class. Standard sewing and embroidery supplies (as needed in prior classes) will be used. The need for some medium or heavy weight interfacing scraps and some thin felt/flannel scraps could require some shopping. 
The photos above are some of the techniques taught. The fox, bunny, and heart patterns are also in this course, along with other patterns as well. The mermaid silkie is an example of the over-stitching of hair...but you can use any printed image you want to try this technique.
As with all prior classes...an invitation to the course blog will be sent to you after you register. Watch for this in your email inbox so you will be ready to begin the class on Friday.

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Can't Stop Stitchin said...

This was such a fun class ~ I just found a few of these little rabbits I made when in your class. I hope many students take this module with you.