Sunday, November 6, 2016

Green Ribbon Lady Bag

I'm having a great weekend! Aidan came for a couple of days, so that was a real joy for me! It slowed me down a little...but was so worth it! Grandchildren are just the best!
I found time when she went home this morning to finish up the large coin purse I've been working on. This is oversized so that it can fit a small sewing project OR have room for keys, tri-fold wallet, and phone. This is a double there are two seperate insides. A good way to seperate the embroidery threads and silk ribbon from your thimble, scissors, and packs of needles.

I've also reduced the price on the tiny black velvet peacock bag...which would be so beautiful hanging from a chatalaine or side of a tote bag. It is tiny, but can hold a package of needles and your thimble.

These are both in the Etsy Shop at Shawkl Designs. Hope you will go and check them out! Hugs,



Melody said...

Beautiful sitting and I agree, being a grandma is wonderful

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I so agree that grandkids are the best! Sure does my heart good when our 2 year old comes with a book with the words 'Grandma, read please'. Your wee purses look great!

Createology said...

Gorgeous purses dear. I have been so busy with this house listing process I have missed your wonderful gift items on etsy.