Monday, November 7, 2016

Victorian Roses Purse

I've gotten the last purse completed, of the group I had started. This is the largest of the group and has a very different kind of clasp. The others have sold, but this one was listed today at Shawkl Designs Etsy Shop if you are interested in purchasing.
It is very Victorian styled in black velvet (with some emerald green silk in the front panel). The laces are all beaded over the I've included several porcelain roses along with the silk ribbon roses for adornment. The back is solid black velvet.
The clasp is very ornate so "Victorian" is really the only style that fits such a wonderfully opulant clasp. Usually, I like clasps that are "sew-in" types but this actually is made of several parts that fit together and screw in place. I'm not sure it was less work, just a different process but took about the same amount of time to "install" and was a bit frustrating to work with. It also costs about  2-3 times what a standard clasp did, so also not entirely sure it is work that expense. But, it sure is beautiful!
I like the finished look of the clasp, and the chain handle...even on the inside.
This purse is the largest finished yet and measures about 11 inches long by 7 inches wide at the fartherest points. I have some more small purses in my head...but have to get them drawn out and pieced before I can begin embellishing. So, I may have a few smaller clutches before Thangsgiving to share...will just have to see how much time I have to sew between now and then. Ha! 


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Createology said...

This CQ purse is very Victorian and has a truly special clasp. I was late to this offering once again. I am happy you are having sales in your etsy shoppe. Embracing Creative Bliss...