Saturday, December 31, 2016

Book Bub Anyone?

My daughter and I are both prolific readers...she has more spare time to read, but I'm a faster reader! Given the time, we can easily read a dozen books in a week. 
A couple of years back I got her a KindleFire and have the same myself.  Both are registered to me so we use only my account...which means I ask her to look only for "free" books unless she asks first. I don't like "surprises" popping up on my account...ha!

Anyhow, I found this website months and months ago...and subscribed to be notified about FREE E-books (and books at a great discount) DAILY. I get an email notice every is what one recent one looked like:

When the email is a list of books. Each has a short synopsis of the book with the current price at
When you click the "Amazon" get the specific book to order.
 Always check the "Kindle Price"...the free book should show $0.00 before you click. I have never had an instance when this is not correct...but it is always good to double check before buying.

Here is a link to the website for so you can check it out yourself...if you like to read! The categories cover a lot of things...we "signed up" for notification of a lot of variety of romance novels, military fiction, and mystery novels.



sewok said...

Happy New Year, Kathy!!!!! I love Book Bub. You might also try these, if you haven't. They aren't necessarily as good as BookBub but they do run along the same line listing free and discounted books. There will at times be duplicates but that isn't a problem as Amazon tells me that I have already "bought" that book if I put it in my cart. Most will let you set genres that you like. Hope you and the grand daughter have a great year with lots of great reads.


Lettetia Elsasser said...

I am also a prolific reader, and have used Book bub for a few years too. You should check out too. They also have links to Amazon as well.