Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Blogger Platform

I'm finding the new Blogger platform to be very cumbersome and I'm having an overwhelming feeling of un-easiness about keeping up with my participants posts on the courses. So, far..being the end of the is not so bad because the activity on the courses has died down.
The "old way" when I opened my Blogger shows me the blogs that I order of which one was "used" last. That was easy enough for me to open each one, starting with the top one, and check the new posts.
But, here is what the "New Improved" Platform gives me:
 Here is the closeup of the most important part:

Basically, it now lists "all blogs" in alphabetical order. Then, it "showcases" only the last 3 blogs that have had posts. I've been watching this over the last few weeks...and there are never more then three blogs listed in the "Recent Blogs" listing. 

This means that if more than 3 blogs are active...the 4th, 5th, etc. will just be down in the Alphabetically listed area. But which one? I have to open each and every one of the class blogs to see that someone has actually posted something. It will take way too much of my time each day to do this considering that as of this morning...there are 51 blogs (44 of which are open class blogs). These are not the blogs that I go and read, which belong to other folks even...THESE are the blogs that I personally author and monitor for student/participants work.

This is the reason for my having to change how the courses will be run this next year. And, if it still becomes an issue in time for me...even after reducing the number and frequency of courses provided...AND "retiring" some of them all together. Well, then I may just have to stop providing the "oversight" to all classes and just provide them as free downloads on the Yahoo Group Site. Already, I have moved the ICQC-101, the ICQC-102 and the SP-301 instructions to that site. (BTW, you can find the site by going to the right side bar...and clicking on the "Yahoo Group" button.)

I would like to go back to the "OLD" Blogger platform...but have not found a way to make that happen. If any of you have any ideas, please let me know. This is very frustrating for me!

Some folks need to adhere to the "if it ain't broke...don't fix it" rule! Geez!



Wendy said...

I am having the same issues Kathy. If you find a way to get the old format back please let me know. I have been so aggravated the last couple of days over this new format. A hassle to be sure.

Asha said...

Goodness I thought it was just me and I had done something wrong and needed to look into it ... like you I don;t care for this either!