Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 Registration Dates for Shawkl Design Courses

Today, I have updated the course calendar for 2017 Courses.  So far, I'm only showing the First Quarter courses, but more will follow as the year progresses.
Courses that are retiring:
After consideration, and more consideration, there will be some major changes this year. First, some courses will no longer be offered. The ICQC-102 and ICQC-107 courses are mostly included already in the books I've no need to keep repeating the same information. The ICQC-101 course will be re-issued as Tutorials here on the blog this year; so no need to sign up for a course to obtain that information.
The Special Courses (SP-301 and SP-302)...will be moved to the Shawkl Yahoo Group files. So, if you have signed up for membership there...look for these files to be uploaded within the first quarter of next year. If you have not signed up, you can do so at the side bar link. This site is free and just provides me a place to provide free downloadable patterns, instructions, etc.
There will also be Two New Courses this year:
BCQC 1 & 2: The first new course will be a "second opportunity" to take a BASICS course. So, the BCQC-1 will represent the class that has been offered for the past couple of changes. Then, the BCQC-2 will represent a new version...with new seam designs and a different block design. It will still include some of the same instruction as the BCQC, just different seams and layout information. This second class will also include a silkie image for printing.  IF you have already taken the BCQC in the past...but you still are a "wee bit uneasy" with crazy quilting on your own...the BCQC-2 will give you more practice and teach you about printing on fabric.
ICQC-105: The second new course will be all about Silk Ribbon Embroidery. It will be loosely based on the information included in the Crazy Quilting Volume II: Ribbon Embellishments book. But, will also include some new designs to work on. This intermediate course will require the completion of one of the BCQC courses, just as we have done in the past years...but will not require you to have completed the ICQC-103 or ICQC-104 before taking it.

Courses that are coming back:

The Traditional Quilting Course (TQC-201) will be offered again. It is the piecing of different types of quilt blocks, using different techniques. I'm still thinking on the TQC-202 course offering, so it will not come back in the first quarter most likely...but perhaps later on.

The ICQC-103 Course will continue as the module for Embroidery Motifs and other basic surface embroidery work. It is required to be completed before you can register for the ICQC-104 module.

The ICQC-104 Course will also continue as the more advanced Embroidery Motifs module and covers several different techniques for more complex embroidery slips, raised embroidery, and dimensional work.

So, in conclusion...Please check out the FREE On-line Quilt Classes tab above for more information about the courses and links to the Registration dates. As always, I'll open each registration ON THOSE DATES here at and will not be taking any late or early registrations so mark the dates on your calendar if you see a course that you don't want to miss out on taking. Also, as always...each of these courses is FREE to take. No cost for the instruction. You are responsible for obtaining your own supplies of course, as kits are not provided and I don't sell kits on my Etsy page (except for the special order of a printed fabric image for the BCQC-2 new class...which will be a nominal fee and postage) OR you can use your own printed image as well.

Hugs to all...and enjoy the celebration of the New Year soon approaching!

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