Friday, December 16, 2016

Classes for next year...

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone! I've recently had a couple of queries about the classes for next year, so thought I would do a quick post.
At present, I'm "chilling out" and reading....not much sewing...but some baking. Just enjoying some down time here at the end of a hectic year.
But, I do plan on having classes next year...just have not gotten around to doing a calendar yet. Will think about that after Christmas. The first classes will be mid to late you will have time to sign up and get your supplies before they begin.
So, no worries...keep watching the blog for the updated Calendar 2017 classes. Hope all have a Merry Christmas...and praying for great health and happines in this upcoming new year!
Blogger has changed their platform, and it is making it a bit tedious to keep up with the number of open class blogs at the moment. So, one change for sure will be that the blogs still open at the end of December...and that opened prior to October...will be closed down. I've got to reduce the number of open blogs and still need to make room for the new ones coming, if you are working along on your tasks...please try to finish up soon if you are in a Jan-Sep 2016 course. Thanks!
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