Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Personal Request - For a Friend - Please Help

Good morning everyone! I'm posting something a bit unusual today...a request for help for a friend. Most of you probably know her, or know of her from her blog or facebook posts. She is also the driving force behind the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine.
Pam Kellogg has been an avid cross-stitcher and designer for years...and found crazy quilting a few years back. She has spend countless hours creating and posting inspirational photos of her work and teaching and sharing. She is a very giving and generous woman whom I am happy to consider as a friend. I can't remember a single time when I needed her help that she was not eager to jump in and assist. She expects nothing in return for her help and I view her as a very special lady.
Her husband was recently diagoised with cancer. As a result, he is missing some work days and will miss many more as he goes through the various rounds of therapy. These are unpaid days, on top of the extra deductible costs for medical treatments and prescriptions needed to battle the disease.
Pam has a lot on her plate at present, and could use your kind thoughts and prayers. She could also use some "girl power" in the form of donations.
The family has opened a Go Fund Me page and if you are moved to help out a kind and wonderful woman through a hard time...please consider donating. Even $10 will be helpful...because several folks doing that will add up fast to a real help with medicine and routine costs of just getting through the days. The site accepts major credit cards for the donations. If you don't like to use your credit cards you can PayPal a donation directly to Pam's email which can be obtained through her blog "Kitty and Me Designs".
Thanks for your consideration in lending a helping hand to a wonderful woman and fellow stitcher!

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