Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jumbo Pin Cushions and Made to Order Pin Cushions

Whew, what a couple of weeks! Where did the time go!
I have finally managed to get some time to work on the pincushions that I wanted to do before Thanksgiving. Three are ready to ship now, and the other three are "orders placed". You can check them all out (with closeup photos) on the Etsy Shop site.
The silk ribbon work was done to showcase the techniques in my Crazy Quilting Volume II: Ribbon Embellishments Book. The photo above is of the floral cluster in my light purple pin cushion and the photo at the top of the post if of the golden floral cluster. I'm also including the more whimsical pincushion below for the Florida Keys lovers out there. :)
Also, I've decided to take orders for Monogram Pincushions because I get a lot of questions about the monograms in the book. There are 3 varieties and all are available in your choice of color (medium blue, light pink, etc.) and any LETTER is fine for the monogram itself as I'll be creating these as the orders are placed. 
The first style is the Petite which is a rectangle shape and the letter is a Classic style of monogram.
The second choice is the Full Floral which is a larger letter and is square in shape. This is a Shabby Chic style.
The third choice is the Moderate Floral which is the same size/type as the fuller variety but with less leaves. This is a more Victorian style.
NOTE: If you place your Monogram Pin Cushion orders before the 11th, you should receive them before Christmas.


Sarah Aldrich said...

Lovely Kathy!

Anonymous said...

So different, but each one so beautiful! Thanks for sharing photos.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Using your book samples in pincushions is a great way to multi-task! These are all so pretty.

Eileen said...

So pretty! I so want to learn to do this; I can't seem to make it past step 5 in the CQ class. Hope your Christmas is merry and happy!