Friday, February 17, 2017

Class Schedule has Changed

 The 2017 Class Schedule has Changed. So, if you are "waiting" on a class registration, please check ou the new dates. Here is the link:
2017 Class Schedule
At present I'm working on the BCQC-2 Course and the writing is coming along, but not as fast as I'd like. My head is full of ideas and I'm spending hours each day at the computer drawing and typing...but still life is calling me to other things.  
Winter "head colds" seems to have all of us down; and I'm glad to see the daffodils popping their heads up in the front yard. The down side to all the beauty of yellow and white however is that the pollen count is going up that means doctor's visits for Mom. I'm doing okay myself so far; but time must be taken to take care of my "driver duties".

This weekend is a long one for school children as we celebrate President's Day on the 20th (no school). The state also has a teachers in-service day on the 21st, where students don't have to attend school but the teachers have special work that has to be attended too. So, it's a wonderful weekend for the grand-daughter to come and spend some time with Nana. I'm all smiles about that! She arrives tonight...and will not be heading home until Tuesday.

So, between the visit and the winter work on the new courses has not gone as fast as I would have liked. But, I have been successful in getting the "ideas" down on paper...just need to finish expanding them and drawing the diagrams, etc. So, I'm pushing the new BCQC course back a couple of weeks. Also, since I've been working to get the writing done...there have been things added that were not first envisioned. The major item is that I'm re-doing the Color Theory of the intermediate course retired last year, and pulling that into this Basic module. So many folks ask about "picking colors".
 This has changed my idea of having it as an alternative to the existing BCQC-1 course. Instead it is an optional "follow-on" course and the original BCQC will continue to be the required course.
The extra work for the BCQC-2 has pushed my work on the ICQC-105 course back some. But, at the same time, my brain is working and more new ideas for it keep jumping in as well. So, expanding my thinking...which also means more writing. Therefore, I've pushed the date for that new course back by about a month and even then it will take constant effort to keep it on track...but I'm going to try.
So, anyway...the dates are please print out the new schedule if you are interested in registering for courses this year. So far, it goes through May.


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