Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fancy Seam Designs available for Pre-Order Price at 31% Savings!

My next book is at the printer! It is available on my Etsy Shop for a few a 31% savings! Crazy Quilting-Volume III: Fancy Seam Designs. You will love this book!
Unlike book pre-sales in the past, I will only be ordering the EXACT number of books to be delivered from my Etsy Shop. So, if you do not get your order in by the deadline (midnight 2 July); you will have to get your copy at at the full MSRP of $31.95.
 I really think you will enjoy this book. It includes 500-full color seam designs. These designs include thread embroidery and elements of Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Beads, Buttons, Sequins and more. You can use templates to create the base seam design (shown as black in these seams) or free-hand stitch these designs.

I do give you the template designs for scanning at the back of the book. But, I'm also going to create a free download document in the next few days for everyone that purchases a book from the Etsy shop so you can just download it and print directly to your vellum paper IF you are going to use templates for these designs.

You don't need the templates, just offering because that is MY own preferred method to create seams.

I'm super excited about this book...and know you will love it too!
International Sales: if you are interested in this sales price; contact me so we can discuss. I have not authorized international sales on my Etsy Shop Site because the postage amounts are so un-realistic for international shipments in the past.

Book Series: the prior "thinking" about this continuing series was to introduce more patterns for embroidery motifs next; but they are taking months to I pushed the seam book to the front. No worries, the motifs are still coming...just taking a huge amount of effort to get each illustration converted to vector drawings. Perhaps later this year, or next year...hugs!


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