Sunday, June 25, 2017

Latest Book - UPDATE

Look what arrived yesterday! My book PROOF copy. It a printed copy of what will be printed...and it "always" needs corrections...things I just don't notice looking at the computer screen...but jump out at me when I see it on actual paper.
I have finished all of the changes and sent the new files back to the printer for their review. With a little luck...I can order books next week for shipment to everyone that has placed a Pre-Order Sale Price of 31% Off MSRP at Amazon. If the books come really early, I'll order a group...mail out and then catch any other orders that come in between then and 3 July.
Thought you might enjoy a few sneak peaks at some of the inside pages, so I'll show you some of the things that I found "to change"....ha!

The front of the book has some seam designs aligned on strips of "faux fabric". There are also 3 inside pages like this but the fabrics are solid strips of color. Here, at the top of one of these pages...the top seam is all but "cut off". So, had to go adjust the bleed for the pages...realign and reduce some strips, then reposition the seams.

Here, the Table of Contents didn't have all of the bullets lined up. I had checked the spelling...but did not pay attention to the indents. (Maryanne, I should have not tried to do this edit on my own...even though it is only a handful of pages...I am apparently ill-equiped to catch the small things. Ha!)


In this bottom seam on Page #25, I'm thinking "where did that red ball come from?". Well, it should have been a stack of had to go into Illustrator and redraw (then let that link into the InDesign master file) and finally export into the Adobe PDF file which the printer asks for.

Here on page 73, the last seam of that page was "chopped off". Had to go in and move the entire group of seams up a smidge on that page.

On page 94, these seams were "dancing cheek to cheek" as they all tried to crowd into the space. Went in and shifed the entire page group up/down to give these center ones some more room.

Found on this page, the sequin groups in the top seam were "marching off the page". So, went in and re-aligned them in the proper space.
Hope you have enjoyed a little peek behind the curtain of creating a book; when you are acting as author and creator of the artwork.


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