Monday, October 30, 2017

Fancy Seam Designs Stitch-a-Long...starts 1 November

Just one more day until the new Crazy Quilt Stitch Along series...Fancy Seam Designs begins! We will be posting a seam a day until ALL 500 seams in the book are done.

What book? Well that is my latest book with Amazon...Crazy Quilting Volume III - Fancy Seam Designs...available in print and on Kindle.

And the "we"? Well that is myself and my pal Katie Bock...who will be stitching half of the seams (I have the even pages and Katie has the odd pages). She will post to her blog  Sewing with Katie on the days her seams are shown...and I'll link her blog post here. She'll do the same on her blog.

So, regardless of who you'll still get to see all of the seams. And, if you follow both of us...well, you'll see them twice. The blog posts may also have a bit of our discussion on stitching a seam...not required; but you never know what we will be talking about!

If you want to view all of the seams and post your own might like to join in the fun with our private Facebook Group: Modern Crazy Quilt Seams

Here is a link to request joining the group if you want to follow along there (and post your own finished photos) -

And, if you need a simple idea of "what to sew on"...just consider doing some simple sampler type blocks. These can be turned into a quilt top later on...or sewn together to create a long runner style sampler of seams. Then you need "ideas" you'll have a better idea of what a seam may look like once stitched! A great way to use fabric scraps...don't worry over color (but lighter or solids is easier if you are using the templates in the book)...just saying! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kathy. I put out a note on, too, to let some other people know about this. It looks like a big undertaking for you! Congratulations on getting the book ready and published.