Monday, October 9, 2017

Finishing Hexagon Blocks -- Easily!

Do you like creating hexagon shaped quilt blocks for crazy quilt embellishing...but don't like to create and attach the "binding" along the edges? If so, you might like this method of finishing instead. I use this myself and here are some finished blocks assembled in this manner, and then attached to each other to create a larger grouping of blocks (eventually, this will be an entire quilt):

This block-finishing method requires 3 layers: a) embellished CQ Hexagon Block, b) backing fabric and c) medium weight interfacing (fusible type) like you would use for sewing clothes (not fusible webbing like Heat'n'Bond").


Step 1 -- Determine the size of your block (and shape as this method works with any shape, not just hexagon). Cut a template out of poster board (thin cardboard) the size/shape of your finished block (not considering seam allowance). This template will be used in the cutting and pressing of the fabrics.

Step 2 -- Use the template to trace the same shape/size on to fusible interfacing (like you use for sewing, this is not fusible webbing like Heat'n'Bond).

Step 3 -- Press the interfacing to the reverse side of your backing fabric.

Step 4 -- Use a rotary cutter/mat (or scissors) to cut out the backing fabric leaving about 1/2" seam allowance around the interfacing shape.

Step 5 -- Press the seam allowance of the backing fabric over the interfacing center shape. Do this on alternate sides until all sides are pressed neatly. Set this unit aside for now.

Step 6 -- Trim the excess foundation fabric (if present) away from your hexagon embellished block, leaving at least 1/2" seam allowance in place.

Step 7 -- Turn the embellished block over and place the template shape on top, use this edge to guide your seam allowance over as you press the seam allowance down.

Step 8 -- Place the embellished block and the backing fabric block together with seam allowances touching. Match the corners and pin the two parts together.

Step 9 -- Using small stitches, hand stitch the two parts together around the entire block.

Step 10 -- Repeat the process for every hexagon block.

To complete the quilt, arrange the blocks and hand sew them together. You may want to create half-hexagons and quarter hexagons to finish the layout and create straight edges.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks for the tutorial Kathy.

Ms. Nicholson said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have loved CRAZY quilts for years but been afraid to try one.