Thursday, October 19, 2017

More Silkie Images Available on Etsy Shoppe

If you are in need of some image sheets for printing, there are twelve new sheets just loaded to my Etsy Shoppe page.

All of these images are sized to either 2" wide or tall depending on their individual orientation; just the right size for any crazy quilt block size. You can add them on top of existing blocks by turning under the seam allowance and stitching down...then embellish with a border similar to a "portrait frame"; or piece the image (printed on fabric) directly to the patchwork of a block not yet constructed.

Here is the run-down of each PDF file download:

[#0 - Floral Girls] and [#1-Floral Ladies] would be great if you enjoy over-stitching the flowers with small ribbon or thread accents.

BTW, the Shawkl Design Studio watermark will not be on your downloadable sheet of is just there to protect these from being saved/used directly from a screen print.

[#2 through #6 Butterflies) are copies of actual vintage cigarette silkie images. While they can be used as is, I also think these would be great to cut out and just use the butterfly images alone. I can envision each tiny wing with over-stitching in silk or metallic threads. The addition of beads and sequins is another good option. Ideas are almost endless on how to create stumpwork butterflies with these too!

[#7 - Pin Up Gals] are some 50's era advertising models. Images like these were also used for calendar pages. A themed quilt would be fun to create using these slightly risque' models.

[#8 - Cats & Friends] are a must if you love cats! I've included a bird and chicken image as well so that there is a bit of a surprise in the group as well.

[#9 - Marilyn] is all about Marilyn Monroe. While certainly an icon of her time, she is also a natural beauty and makes a wonderful themed project.

[#10 - Tea Time] included images of tea pots, tea cups, tasty treats, and good friends all ready to have a lovely tea party.

[#11 - Landscapes] is mostly landscape images with one window box image that I could not resist using. These are glorious when pieced into a project and the tiny flowers over-stitched in wee little silk ribbon knots!

Each printable sheet is $4.50 and can be printed as many times as you you can have unlimited fun creating blocks with these! You can purchase printable fabric sheets on line ( of course) or create your own using this tutorial. Use an inkjet printer since you want the images to remain...rather than the laser printer used in the tutorial (which was for embroidery designs that would be stitched over). Use white, neutral, or pastel colored cotton or silk fabrics rather than linen for these.

Create or purchase your fabric sheets; select/purchase your pdf dowload file from Etsy ...and print as many as you like!

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