Sunday, December 10, 2017

Martha Washington Candies

Working on some candies today..and thought you might also appreciate a recipe and a "tip".

My refrigerator freezer will not hold a lot cookie sheet at a time. So, I have gotten creative and look at the results!

These little stainless steel condiment cups, turned upside-down over four of the candies...make little risers that another cookie sheet can rest on! The little cups are available on Amazon...but you could substitute coffee cups, etc. as long as they can stand the freezer without breaking.

I'm now off to make peanut butter balls...and will add two more trays. These candies both need to freeze so they can be dipped into melted chocolate later tonight.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Clever! You could also use those little plastic 'table' thingies that come when you order a pizza. Always knew there should be a use for those things (beyond making dollhouse tables!).

Susan said...

Now that is clever! I'll bet those little plastic tables that come in my pizza boxes would work, too. Sadly, my freezer is too narrow for any cookie sheet made. =P