Monday, December 11, 2017

Trim Medley

Need trims for crazy quilting or scrapbooking? I just loaded a new item to my Etsy I'm de-stashing my trim/ribbon/cording items. The lace trims I posted about a couple of days ago got me in the mood to include trims as well to my shop.

This collection of trims will be cut in 1 yard lengths each. These work wonderfully in crazy quilts and can be couched or sewn into place easily along seams.

All orders will include:
4 pieces of Satin Ribbon
2 pieces of Sparkle Yarn (this will be 3yds long)
2 pieces of Soutache cording
5 pieces of Gimp Braid Trim
(Photographed at the top of this post)
1 piece of Velvet Ribbon (either blue, lime green, or black at random)(Photo above)
4 pieces of Assorted Trims (random selection) (Photo below)

The photos show all of the standard pieces that will be in every order (all items above except the last assorted one). This last photo shows my stash of assorted trims, of which I'll select four at random to include in each order.

The total yardage of trims will be 22 a cost of 40 cents per yard!

All orders will ship First Class in a small padded envelope. Hugs!

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