Sunday, May 19, 2019

How Organized Are You?

Really, can we be too organized? Nope, I don't think so. But most days, I feel that I have a long way to go to feel really organized.

Last year I bought a calendar, then found in the middle of the year that I was already planning for the next bought another one. I got a 2018-2019 version thinking it would cover both years...nope, began in June of the current year. So, I still needed the full year 2018 and this new one. I also have a "chicken book" as we call it here in my is where I write down "important" things like the login/password to my Amazon account (ha!). Really, it began as a listing of websites with login/passwords..but has grown into notes as well because it is "handy to pick up".

There is also a variety of "doodle" books where I make lists, dream of projects, or just sketch out things. Of course, there is also a sketch book (not in the photo). But, it seems that when I'm needing one of these...I can't find the "right one" so grab is a vicious cycle. So, instead of me feeling "organized" by writing things down...I feel very dis-organized because I can't find WHERE I wrote it at?!!

Therefore, I'm making an effort to do better. To really consider WHAT information I do need and organize a way to keep that all together. I have this neat 3-ring has a nice pretty outside and handle for carrying. 

It also zips closed (which is really nice) and has places for pens/pencils, etc. I like putting the arm of my reading glasses into a pencil holder for safe keeping. Plus, the greatest thing I just found out was that the little Velcro pocket will hold my phone! Not closed mind you, but it fits...and the zipper will keep it from falling out anyway! How great is that fact...yes, I'm smiling at a simple thing. :)

So, yesterday and today I've been busy creating a new calendar (2018 beginning in June and the ENTIRE year of 2020) now just am going to spend the afternoon transferring my events from both of the old calendars into this new calendar. And, I might even get things into my phone. Why both? Well, first I'm "old school" and like paper still...and two, I have lived through the horror of electronics that just don't work any longer. So, don't want to face the dreaded "multi day wait" before I have a working calendar, contacts, etc. again. Nope...will have a paper backup!

Also, did some organizational sheets for Project Planning, General notes/doodles drawing, etc. There are a lot of organizational tools on-line these days...or you can create your own if you are marginally skilled with Windows software.

How do you organize your creative process?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Very creative and looks like a great help to be organized. I keep a planner just to keep track of appointments. I also have a monthly calendar page on the fridge so Terry can look there and not keep asking me when this or that appointment is and at what time. I bought a keeper like you have for my grandson who lives in a 38' RV 2100 miles away. It's a great place for him to keep paper, envelopes, colored pencils and any other art supplies and stamps so he can send me pictures he makes of the places he has been.

Catherine said...

What a wonderful planner you've made!

Susan said...

My only real organization is in a teacher's calendar that goes from June of one year to May of the next. After 28 years of teaching, I guess that schedule seems normal. LOL I do make posts on my blog which helps me keep track of what's going on in the quilting world. Your pages seem really helpful, so I'm going to print and try them to see what I actually use. I love your zippy-carrying handle-pocket generous-3-ring binder!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm all for keeping information in one place. When I sold Avon years ago and had to make multiple appointments each day I went to a page-a-day calendar (pages are about 5x7") and even now when my schedule isn't quite so packed, I still use it. Learned years ago that trying to keep up two different calendars made it just too easy to slip up. I have friends who keep one in their purse and one at home and they're forever forgetting to transfer things between the two.

Rhonda said...

I love organization. For me as soon as my work space begins to get cluttered, my creativity goes down the drain. Until I re-organize my space, I can't seem to get motivated again. So for me, with several projects going on right now, I have two separate tables (small tables unfortunately) as I live in a fifth wheel rv right now. One table is for my hand embroidery and holds all my beads, floss, buttons, templates, ribbon, etc. Under it is several nice storage containers that stack, and others that have drawers. I'm still adding as I go. On my other table is my applique quilt project.

To organize time ... that's hard for me. I suffer from MG (myasthenia gravis) which means "grave muscle weakness"... some time I can't even stir pancake batter my muscles are so weak, and it causes double vision as well. So I have to take the opp. to create when I have muscle strength and my vision is clear enough to see what I'm doing. I get those good day's sometime and I'll work all day and into the night to catch up. Then I'll have those periods where I can't seem to take a stitch for day's.. so I wait it out and plan and think of my next step. When I was not afflicted with this disease, I would plan blocks of time on certain day's for various projects, and scheduled in at a time of day that I would be least interrupted by the kids or hubby. : )