Sunday, October 20, 2019

New Templates Available!

Embroidery Shape Templates

are here!

Note: Don't be confused...these are NOT the Stitch Templates that have sold out (we have those on back order and I'll post just as soon as they arrive back in stock).

These are NEW and will be the accompaniment to my next book "Dazzling Diamonds" which releases this spring (or before). They are not STITCH templates but rather are SHAPE templates. If you took the BCQC-101 course, you'll easily understand the difference. (and if you missed that class...check out "classes" under the top tab here on the blog for the schedule of courses to begin again next year). :)

This set is a grouping of 5 plastic marking stencils. Each one is 6 x 6 inches in size and contains a variety of shapes to trace...that then become Base Seams in crazy quilt blocks (or other crafts). Just embroider along your traced line to create...curved seams, Holbein seams, etc. There are plenty of seam ideas...PLUS an entire alphabet and numbers 0-9 to help "write" on blocks to embroidery over.

 Here's a seam design with a SHAPE as the base seam...the "curved" part. This would be drawn using these templates...than every thing is stitched on top. In this example the curves were done in Back Stitch..then wrapped in a second color. The French Knot flowers have 4mm ribbon leaves in Straight Stitch; and the large flower is a Woven Rose done in 7mm silk ribbon with 7mm silk ribbon leaves created in Japanese Ribbon Stitch.

Hoping we can keep these in stock...but not sure what the "demand" will so get yours soon! ;)

The template set is available at Creative Impressions and at my Etsy Shop.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

These look like great fun (and if they're anything like the first set, they'll be wonderful!)