Sunday, February 23, 2020

Totally Bummed Out!

While looking for a piece of "novelty" fabric this morning...I opened a box that had been sitting at the bottom of my storage cabinet for a while...thinking it was fabric. Nope, well was my Erin Russek "Jingle" quilt blocks and fabric. 

The reason that I'm bummed out is 1) I had forgotten about this project as it had been put away "only for a few weeks" as I begin working on my books (This was way back in 2012); 2) When my external drive crashed last year ALL of my free BOM block downloads from Erin's blog were on that drive; 3) The blog and Etsy shop of Erin's don't include this older pattern. 

I've sent her an email and hope that she still has the other block patterns and will sale them to me so I can finish up this project. 

Just when I think I'm over losing so many files...I find something that I "REALLY" need. Bummer!


Susan said...

Oh, it would be a bummer to lose everything you needed to complete that beautiful quilt. You know they say, "Out of sight, out of mind." I guess this proves it!

Ruby said...

Hi Kathy, could you repeat, with modifications, some of the blocks you've already made? Or design some of your own?
Best, Jess

Shawkl said...

Have emailed Erin twice...but no response yet. She may be traveling. If nothing else, I can do a small wall hanging with the center medallion and a table runner with the five blocks already finished. :)