Wednesday, February 26, 2020

English Paper Piecing & Applique Rejoice!

A few weeks ago, I found a great product on Amazon...tested it and have been using it for applique foundation. It is a wee bit "outside the box" but works great for me. I've been glue (washable children's glue stick) basting applique shapes and hand stitching them together to create all kinds of applique shapes.

Even small items are working great (can you just spy the little bird's tail in the upper left corner of this photo?). What has been really wonderful is that I've been able to use this foundation and not have to sew baste anything! No freezer paper either! Plus, no REMOVING it after the applique shapes are sewn into place...because it starts out stiff enough to fold the fabric seam allowance over nicely; THEN, softens up when it is washed! How great is that!

Just so you know...I'm NOT getting any type of kick-back for this...just wanted to share a good idea! This is designed for use in machine embroidery hoops. It comes in sheets (see above writeup)...and in a large roll (see below writeup).

Then, today...while browsing on Pinterest I stumbled across a design in English Paper Piecing that I had not really seen before. I's been around for ever but I've obviously been "under a rock" as or just didn't pay attention to all of the folks excited about Lucy Boston Quilt Block posts. Check these designs out (borrowed from Pinterest; these are not my work...just so you know THAT fact up front).
So, I'm thinking..."Why not cut the foundation sheets in this shape...glue-baste the fabrics on top (with seam allowance included)...then fold the seam allowance to the back and glue-baste them down) just as though they were applique shapes? All that is needed then is to sew them together in the fashion of English Paper Piecing (but no paper to remove later!!). 

I'm cutting out my shapes...and giving this a go! Will post later next week with the results. ;)


Linda Schiffer said...

I use a product by Ricky Timms called Stiff Stuff (I think) for doing EPP ... in a similar fashion to what you are describing.

:) Linda

Susan said...

Oh, what a great idea! I look forward to seeing your blocks, and hope it works as it sounds it will!

Shawkl said...

I'll give the Ricky Timms product a try as well. It's not as good of a I had to pay shipping. So, in total about 3 times the cost. But, I'm always looking for great products and love all that he does so am sure to find it works good. Sharon Schambers also has a product out that works like this...her's is $5 per yard with 5 yd minimum and can be found at Purple Daisies website. HUGS!