Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Patchwork Face Mask

Here's a face mask pattern for could be done as a Crazy Quilt version if you like...but be careful to secure everything well if you plan on putting it into the washing machine.

The size is adult or young adult and covers the nose/chin both. I used about 8" of elastic (made a circle after threading it through the sides) but it is best to test out your length for each individual person.

The shape reminds me of a bra cup...okay, my silly sense of humor...but that might work too! Ha!
Bet it would get loads of looks as well. ;)

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Grovenore said...

Thanx for the pattern! I just printed out two copies in case I mess one up. Initially I think I will make just a patterned fabric one so I have it when I need it. We are being told here that masks are not necessary except to wear if you have COVID-19 to stop the spread of the germs. To my way of thinking if you have COVID-19 you shouldn't be anywhere where other people can catch it! If the first one works out well, I might make a CQ one or two or three!