Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Faux Strawberry Jam - Super Quick!

Mom and I put up some "fake" strawberry jam yesterday because a friend gave my sister about a gallon of figs. In total we had about 8 cups of figs...and ended up with 6 1/2 pints of beautiful jam! I went home also with a little sandwich baggie half full of figs just to snack on. But, this morning...I decided that strawberry jam on my toast would be great. As I didn't have any of yesterday's jam in the house (still at Mom's)...I just decided to whip a bit up!

Here's how easy it was. First I de-stemmed, washed and cup up the figs. There was about a cup of them. Added same amount of sugar (1 cup)...and 1 pkg of strawberry jello. Turned the heat on medium and just kept stirring and mashing the figs.

This is how it looks as it begins to boil. For such a tiny amount...just boil long enough for the sugar to get completely dissolved (about 3 minutes). Yesterday, that 8 cups made a larger pot...and it took longer to come to a boil. Then, we cooked it for about 7 minutes to make sure it was good and hot.

While we put the jelly into jars yesterday...there isn't enough this morning to do that. So, I am just keeping it in the fridge. Believe me, it will not last long at my house; so no worry about it taking up room in my fridge. Ha!

It spreads nicely! Goes great on toast with a cup of tea. :)

Yummy! Ha, that didn't take long to make or dispose of. :)
Here's the basic recipe:

Equal parts figs and sugar. Cut up figs at least into 8 pieces...mash even smaller if you like. Add 1 small pkg strawberry jello for every 2 cups of figs. (I used the entire pkg for a single cup, so it's not bad to add a wee bit more if you have an odd amount of figs). Stir constantly while heating...when it begins to boil...keep stirring. Let the mixture get really hot...for at least 3-4 minutes. If you make a pot full (6 cups or more...then cook longer). No need to cook more than about 7 minutes in total. Put immediately into hot jars if canning...seal and you're done. If keeping a small amount in the fridge...just let cool down and place in airtight container. ENJOY!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I learned something! Did not know that you could even make jam from figs, much less have it taste like strawberries. Thanks!