Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Lost Art...

Writing letters is rarely done by anyone these self included. Email is just faster...but a nice note or a simple letter has now become a SPECIAL thing.

Just yesterday I got a sweet note from a student and friend in Kentucky that so brightened up my day (Thanks so much Carol!). It also got me thinking about a couple of other friends that really had a hard year these past few I sat down and wrote them a short letter just to say that I missed seeing them and was thinking about them.

I designed some special stationary that I thought would brighten up their day...

The border was one of the new seam designs in the book I'm currently writing. With the inclusion of three more seams I had a little set of four designs...which I provided to my Patreon Followers for free.

 I like to do little designs, patterns, and such when I get the time for these special ladies whom I appreciate so very much! They are my cheerleaders through thick and thin...or at least that's the way them make me feel; their support just warms my blessed am I to have caring friends; even if most are cyber friends whom I'm not met yet. Perhaps one day...oh I so hope so!

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Joy said...

It will truly be a lost art since schools are not teaching cursive any longer.