Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 Course Downloads are LIVE now!

 I know...hard to believe since my deadline was the 15th...and it's only the 4th!!! But, the blog now has a new header and some new pages designed.

So, for Basic and Intermediate Classes...just click on those tabs at the top of the blog (under the header)...and you will go to a list of the individual classes. Each class is described...and the various task handouts are listed below it's heading. RIGHT CLICK each linked pdf document to save to your computer.

I've also launched the Facebook Group: Shawkl Classes so everyone has a place to upload photos of their work in progress and finished photos. Those of you having completed prior classes (or currently enrolled in an on-going class) can "please" jump over to the group and sign up. It is private so I'll need to "approve" all new membership requests...sorry, this is tedious and doesn't happen instantly...BUT is the only way to keep out those pesty spammers.

The site is for class participation...not a place to post about your church's bake sale or the latest yard sale find you obtained. Keep posts about class effort (past and present) and all will be fine. Otherwise, I'll delete the posts.

Here's a direct link to the Facebook Group: Shawkl Classes as a help:

Hugs to all...hope this is a great New Year of stitching possibilities!

Oh, also I've decided to upload the Advanced and Special Courses information...so am working to do those before the 15th now. Ha...we'll see if I can get these done early too! Just look for them to appear along the tool bar above once they are active links. HUGS!

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