Friday, October 21, 2022

Quilt Repair Underway

 A lady in our area asked me to repair a quilt made by her Grandmother/Mother. Thought the approach might be helpful to others so, here is what's happening to the quilt.

Several seams are partially, needing repair. These I mark with safety pins during my inspection of the quilt (so I can find them later). They are closed using the Applique Stitch (Ladder Stitch).

Some patches have already practically disappeared, so these have to be completely removed.

New patches are appliqued into place. The old batting has been removed since it is just crumbling or already missing under the older torn patches.

 A thin batting is cut the size and shape of the needed patch, then surrounded with fabric. This new patch/batting combo is then appliqued into place. I sew only through the top layer of the quilt.

I've selected a variety of smaller prints with lower color density to match the look of the quilt. When the patches are finished I'll hand quilt these areas to complete the task.

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Linda C said...

I didn't get to see you actively sewing on this so I did wonder how you accomplished those repairs for the disintegrated areas. Clever!