Saturday, November 5, 2022

Quick and Inexpensive Tip - Fusible Mat

 I'm working on a holiday dishtowel which is a fusible applique project.

These are the layout tools I'm using, and one of them is really inexpensive and handy to have around. 

The printed pattern sheet is on the right, the light box (black border) is in the center, and a pressing mat (red border) is on the right.
Surprise! The pressing mat is actually a baking mat...that is designed for placing on a cookie sheet for baking. But, since the center area is is pretty "see through".

As you can see in this photo...the pattern is on top of the light table but under the baking/pressing mat. So, it was easy to layer the fusible applique pieces and "spot weld" them together. Then the entire scene could be moved to the fabric tea-towel for pressing into place. I did encounter a problem...not related to the mat; the white "wool" for the snow just would not adhere to anything...thinking it must be more synthetic than wool (false advertising...dang it) had to go back and pin each piece of snow into place. (hence the pins in the top photo).

Anyhow, this post is about using an opaque "baking mat" in place of a more expensive mat designed for applique. I found this mat at Dollar General in their clearance section for 3-bucks! It was 50% regularly priced at only six-bucks. Think these could also be a Dollar-tree item..and will be looking there in the kitchen area for such great finds too. I know a few quilting sisters in my guild that might like one of these.

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