Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Love/Hate Relationship with Lori Holt

 I'm working on "Granny's Garden" by Lori Holt...a Riley Blake design quilt. This was a Sew Along...past time (of course, I'm never starting a project the same time as everyone else).

Its a great quilt IMHO...but is becoming so time consuming. There are 42 blocks and each has a background floral print and a circular center. Florals re cut and the centers are created (fabric with fusible backing creating an applique circular shape)

The center of each block has different applique shapes. Each is created by first tracing the applique shape on to interfacing, then sewing that to fabric...and clipping/turning to create pieces with turned under edges.

I have about nine more blocks of shapes to create. But, all of the interfacing has been marked; so only the sewing, clipping and turning is needed.

I'm using my 99K Singer as it can be helpful to only stitch 3 or 4 stitches at a time with all of the small pieces with curved edges at times.

I have been steadily working on this quilt for over a week...several hours a day. It is enjoyable, but am now thinking that by the time I get all of these bits and pieces "glue basted" then hand will be Spring before I get to the actual quilting part. But, it will be a great quilt when completed.

I do like that the parts are usually large so at least I'm not doing too "fiddly" of work. Will keep you posted on my progress. Has anyone else following done this quilt? I'd love to hear your thoughts and see a photo. Hugs!


Apessay said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying working on Granny's Garden, despite the time and effort it is taking. Quilting can be a very rewarding and fulfilling hobby, and it is great to hear that you are finding the process enjoyable. It can be frustrating at times to work on a large and complex project like Granny's Garden, but the end result will be well worth it. It is always interesting to hear about others' experiences with the same project, and it might be helpful to join a quilting forum or group to connect with others who have worked on Granny's Garden or similar projects. Good luck with the rest of your quilt, and I hope you are able to finish it to your satisfaction.

Cherilnn said...

I too am working on this quilt but I have decided to modify things a little. Adding the stabilizer made it more difficult for me to applique. The last 10 blocks will use freezer paper to cut out the Lori Holt shapes and add a seam allowance when cutting out the fabric applique shapes. There will be a lot less thickness to sew through. I also cut away the stabilizer from the large circles.